Dorothee Soelle: Life and Work by Andrew Francis


The Book

An introduction to Dorothee Soelle, an internationally recognised theologian and political activist, whose political and theological ideals were grounded in the lived experience of following after Jesus. The author introduces Dorothee Soelle and her many books in the context of her life in Germany after the Second World War, which inspired her towards her lifelong international political activism, and her global conscience for the task of spiritual and political liberation

‘Reading this book is like being propelled into a room to meet someone, and finding that you just don’t want to leave. I was absolutely drawn in by this account of an aweinspiring person, her life and her writings. Francis’ candid and personal style is just right for a book about Soelle.’ - Dr. Susan Durber, Theology Co-ordinator, Christian Aid UK

Author/s Rev Dr Andrew Francisserved as a United Reformed Church minister for more than 25 years until ill-health forced him into early retirement. During his service as a minister he was seconded to the BBC as a producer/editor/presenter. He also served as a lay-trainer and was the first UK Anabaptist Network development worker.

His MTh is in radical theology, and explored how Anabaptism could be understood as a ‘prototype’ Liberation theology. This resulted in his book; Wind of The Spirit: how British Church History Shaped Its Faith and Spirituality (Leeds: HHSC, 2000) and Anabaptism: Radical Christianity (Bristol; Antioch Papers, 2010). His DMin thesis, at Princeton, USA, explored how sharing food is vital to the growth of community life, producing the book, Hospitality and Community After Christendom
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