Ecclesiastica Celtica by Sabine Baring-Gould


The Book

Herein Sabine Baring-Gould presents the reader with an alternative and more compelling history of the Celtic Church in Britain to that commonly offered by the proponents of the belief that Christianity began in these islands either with Patrick in the mid-fifth century or was revived by Augustine at the end of the sixth century.
The author describes a nascent Christianity that was very different in character to the Christianity we know today. He introduces the reader to a religious spirit dedicated to the contemplative life, evolving within a civilised Romano-British society, a society that was to be devastated from the beginning of the fifth century onward by the political turmoil and internecine conflicts of a collapsing Roman Empire. He relates how that ancient British Church and its people adapted and survived, against extraordinary and overwhelming odds. It is a marvelous and heroic epic spanning many generations. An epic that every man, woman and child of these islands should know and cherish.


Sabine Baring-Gould (1834 - 1924) was regarded as one of the top writers of his time. Over 1200 publications are listed in his bibliography - more than 300 of them being books. He wrote prolifically on religious matters, his travels, historical figures and folk-lore. He was also a well-known novelist. As an early archaeologist he was respected for his work on Dartmoor, in Cornwall, in Wales and in France. His personal life is a story in itself, with his unconventional childhood, his marraige to a mill-girl half his age, and his dedication to antiquarian pursuits alongside his life as a squire and parson of a Devonshire village.

Avalibile In Paperback 254pp. 13 b/w illustrations & maps

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