Under the Mercy by Pete Hollingsworth


The Book

A collection of spiritual poems by Pete Hollingsworth, whose seemingly innocent and simple poems are deceptive in the way they probe our personal spirituality and the human condition. The imagery evoked in his words is inspired both by geographical landscape and the metaphorical landscape of an Anglican spirituality - it is a very English poetry. Poems such as ‘The Teme’, ‘Figure on the Foreshore’ and ‘Stroudwater Valleys’, are among those which tell of the personal landscapes that have filled his life, a life now rooted in the Southern Welsh Marches.



Pete Hollingsworth was born in the Stroudwater valley, becoming an
engineering apprentice in a Cotswold village in the 1960s, knowing “little of literature and even less of poetry”. In those days, motor cycles preoccupied his energies – along with other pursuits not uncommon among the young!

Further Education developed his engineering knowledge and (following
an overland journey to India in company of some two-hundred university students), he gained a place at teachers training college and duly began to teach in a Birmingham comprehensive.

Meeting Gill, his wife and moving to lecture in Further Education in Hereford, followed – along with their children, Claire, Gareth, and Paul – proved even more formative. Now retired, Pete remains active, kayaking, playing tennis, and singing and playing guitar at local folk music sessions. For decades, he and Gill have been active in the local church. Many of the poems in this volume were inspired by their requent travels around both the UK and abroad in their small motorhome.

Available In Paperback 200mm x 170mm - 106 pages - 29 b/w illustrations

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